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The Company

Friendly Visits, LLC has been officially operating since 2003 and is insured & bonded through Mourer Foster.

They are members of Professional United Pet Sitters and the North Metro Denver Pet Sitters, in addition to other groups and educational forums.

Friendly Visits, LLC is based out of Westminster, Colorado and their service area includes neighborhoods in Westminster, Broomfield, Superior, Louisville, Thornton, and Northglenn.

All Associate Pet Sitters have had reference and background checks.

The Owner

Jen has always had a love for pets, and whether their own pets or someone else's, or even nature's creatures she has found them fascinating. This is why she owns and works for Friendly Visits -- to be with what she knows and loves!

Jen is originally from New Jersey and graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems. She moved to Colorado in 2005 and worked in the IT department of a company in Boulder, but quickly decided that she didn't like sitting behind a desk working for someone else and being away from her own pets so much. Jen started working for Friendly Visits in 2005, bought the business in 2006 and was able to leave her desk job in 2008 to focus full time on Friendly Visits. This is her livelihood, and not just a hobby! In addition to pet sitting, she handles the managerial and administrative tasks such as phone calls, emails, scheduling, and consultations.

Jen is certified in Pet First Aid, and is dependable, trustworthy, and has a true love for animals, both her own and yours! Her own furry family consists of Neisa, an Australian Cattle Dog, (adopted from Second Chance Animal Shelter in Texas where she volunteered before moving to Colorado); Darcy, a Border Collie (from the Rocky Mountain Border Collie Rescue); Tyler, a Border Collie Mix (from the Western Border Collie Rescue); Dottie, a Danish Swedish Farmdog imported from Sweden; Hobbes, a chinchilla; Thelma & Louise, two fancy rats; and foster dogs from various rescue organizations.

When she's not pet sitting, Jen actively trains and competes with her dogs in dog sports and they have many titles and accomplishments. Neisa, Darcy, Tyler, and Dottie all compete in flyball. Neisa competes in agility. Dottie shows in conformation and competes in Barn Hunt and training for agility and herding. They all also enjoy hiking, swimming and the outdoors!

Flyball Titles:
Neisa: FDGCh in NAFA flyball (over 30,000 points)
Darcy: FG80K in NAFA flyball (over 80,000 points)
Tyler: HOBBES in NAFA flyball (over 100,000 points)
Dottie: FDGCh in NAFA flyball (over 30,000 points)

Agility Titles:
In AKC agility, Neisa has MACH 6 and working on MACH 7. She was the #1 Australian Cattle Dog for 2012 AKC Agility and the #1 Australian Cattle Dog for the 2013 AKC Agility Invitational. In 2012 and 2013 she was invited to and competed in the AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando, Florida. They also competed in the 2012 (Reno), 2013 (Tulsa) and 2015 (Reno) AKC Agility Nationals. Neisa also has numerous other agility titles in AKC, DOCNA, UKC, NADAC, and USDAA.

Misc Titles:
In Conformation, Dottie has her AKC FSS Championship (Certificate of Merit), UKC Championship, a National and International Senior Puppy Championship, a National and International Junior Puppy Championship, an American Rare Breed Association Junior Championship, a UCI Championship (INTL EHREN CH).

In Barn Hunt, Dottie has her RATI (Instinct), RATN (Novice), RATO (Open), RATS (Senior), RATM (Master), RATCH (Barn Hunt Champion) and RATCHX, X2, X3, X4, and X5 (Barn Hunt Champion X) titles. Darcy has her RATI (Instinct), RATN (Novice), RATO (Open), RATS (Senior), RATM (Master), RATCH (Barn Hunt Champion) and RATCHX (Barn Hunt Champion X) titles.

In Herding, Dottie has her AKC HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate), a mHIC (MASCA Herding Instinct Certificate) and one leg towards her AHBA Herding Instinct Certification.

In Dock Diving, Dottie has her Dock Novice title and qualified for NADD Nationals in 2015 and 2017.

In AKC Agility, Dottie has her OA (Open Standard) and AJ (Excellent Jumpers) titles.

Dottie also has her AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and AKC CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced) which she passed at just shy of 7 months old!


The Associate Pet Sitters

Aislyn has 8 years of experience in the pet care industry. She was a professional dog walker & pet sitter back home, and recently moved to the North Denver Metro area to pursue that same passion, her love for dogs! Aislyn has some basic dog training skills and is Pet CPR certified. She is good with every dog, but she's especially good with large breeds and bully breeds. Aislyn has an 11 year old boxer/pit mix named Zeus, who she spends most weekends hiking or at the dog park with.


Both personally and professionally, Amelia has worked with animals for many years. She volunteered with the Longmont Humane Society for several years until moving, in both their volunteer program and as a foster caregiver. She is now a voluteer and supporter of the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. In addition, Amelia has petsat for a variety of animals over the years, and established and retained a great rapport with the owners and their animals.

Amelia is the proud owner of a spunky ten-year-old Maine Coon mix named Vida, a seven-year-old German Shepherd mix named Zelda, a nine-year-old Shiba Inu mix named Shika who was a Hurricane Katrina dog. The cat and dogs exist mostly coharmoniously, sharing opposite sides of the bed at night, and a couch occasionally by day.

Amelia also enjoys working closely with people at her full-time job as a bilingual case manager at Denver Colorado AIDS Project. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and currently going to school for her masters in Social WOrk. In her off-time she is a free-lance writer, enjoys hiking, performing at open-mikes, and hanging out with her husband, Tom, and step-daughters Sophia and Sadie.


Angelica is a Colorado native. Ever since she was little she's had fur babies! Growing up she had a Collie, Miniature Pincher, Border Collie, Chihuahua and cats and at an early age had to learn how to give insulin injections to her cat and dog. Angelica's love for pets has only grown after all of these years. After graduating high school she became a vet tech for a few years but recently switched avenues and is now currently a full time student going for mortuary science, where she hopes to open my own business one day.

Angelica currently owns a dog whom she rescued from Kansas City and is spoiled rotten. Her diabetic kitty is still hanging around and she also adopted two more cats, one whom needed his leg amputated. Angelica loves being outdoors and enjoying our beautiful state of hiking, fishing, camping and snowboarding, and believes the sky is the limit!

April is an avid pet lover and conservationist. Having pets of all varieties throughout her life beginning in childhood, her love of animals is her defining feature. As a professional musician, April's flexible schedule has always left her plenty of time for petsitting. She worked as a professional petsitter for a year after moving to Colorado in 2006 and worked as a volunteer for the Longmont Humane Socitey before the birth of her daughter, Annika. April is also certified by the Red Cross in Pet First Aid. She is the first person all of her friends call on when they go out of town and need a loving pet sitter!

April's household is full of furry companions - two furry kitties, Ella and her brother, Oscar, a brave and energetic Maltese, Hera, rescued from the streets of Dallas and a super sweet disabled 110lb Lab/Border Collie, Grub, rescued as a pup from a drainage ditch in New Mexico. April has a lot of experience with animals with a variety of medical needs and is comfortable with all types of animals. She has never met an animal she didn't love!


Christie has been an animal lover since her childhood. Growing up in TX she was always bringing home strays. Growing up she had dogs, cats, ducks, rabbits, fish, hermit crabs, birds and gerbils, a lot of responsibility early on that has continued into her adulthood. If there is one thing she is truly passionate about, it is her love for animals. Christie has four of her own: 2 dogs – Odie & Lilly, 2 cats – Isabella & Abigail, and when she is not working at her full time job she is volunteering or transporting dogs. Christie currently volunteers at a cage free cat shelter and in the past she has volunteered at numerous shelters walking dogs, cleaning kennels and fostering cats & kittens for the Denver Dumb Friends League. She is also very active with groups saving animals lives in shelters and re-homing them when people are going to surrender them to shelters.

Though Christie has never had her own business caring for animals she has numerous friends that call on her every time they need someone to care for their pets, and understands the importance of feeling comfortable and trusting that your pets are in good hands while in the care of someone else.

Jana recently moved to Colorado to be closer to her family and is enjoying our sunny skies. Jana grew up with dogs and has volunteered to work with rescue dogs for most of her adult life. She has fostered rescue dogs in her home, exercised and trained rescues kenneled at the veterinarian, and worked many adoption clinics. Jana’s canine family includes two Maltese sons, Miko and Schyler, a Miniature Schnauzer nephew, Lobo, and a Blue Heeler granddog, Papi.


Jenn B.:
From earliest memory, Jennifer has been in love with animals. It started with horses, then cats, then dogs and then birds. She is a CPA running her own firm working with small businesses. This work allows her the flexibility to pursue her other interests with animals. She currently lives with her two cats, Whisper and Kenya, and her two dogs Rookie and Ty. Jennifer and her dogs train and compete actively in agility competitions. Ty is her beloved cattle dog rescue/super star, having earned one national championship and competed in numerous national level challenges. Rookie is her up and coming border collie, who is doing quite well in his training.

Jennifer is also actively involved in raptor rehabilitation. She serves on the board and volunteers in all capacities at the Birds of Prey Foundation. The foundation rescues injured, sick and orphaned birds of prey. The birds are rehabilitated and released back in to the wild. She is also active as a bald eagle nest monitor for the Rocky Mountain Birds Observatory. Pet sitting allows Jennifer to put her animal care skills and love of animals to work to help owners when they are forced to be separated from their furry family members.


Jessica has been working with pets professionally for 6 years. She graduated from Bel-Rea Institute as a certified Veterinary Technician and received her Associate Degree in 2011. She has worked in a general practice setting for a few years, and is currently at CRCG (Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group) as a rehab technician. She provides treatment for post-operative, geriatric, injured, obese patients, and patients with neurologic issues. Jessica feels that this is one of the most rewarding fields of veterinary medicine and has been with the company for 3 years. Also, she teaches dogs how to use the big indoor recreational pool for fun! In her free time, she goes on hikes, trips to dog parks, lakes and long walks with her dog Riley, a German Shepherd lab mix going on 3 years old. She also spends time with her loveable cat named Coffee.


Julie is a Chicago Native. She followed her husband to San Diego where they lived during his Navy career and then moved to CO in 2002 when he got out of the military. From her earliest memory, she has loved animals! She is the person that will stop to rescue a lost or injured animal. She was taught from an early age that animals are a part of your family. She is now a busy mom teaching her son (age 5) and her daughter (age 9) to be animal lovers with their dogs Izzy (shepherd/cattle dog,) Piper (boxer) and Piggy (kitty.)

She has been married her husband David for 22 years. She has her BSBA and spent several years working in financial services. She loves anything related to Art and Photography.


Kayla, having relocated to Colorado from sun shiny Florida enjoys working with hotels during the day and caring for four legged friends by night. During Kayla's younger years and through college, she volunteered with many animal organizations such Humane Societies of Cape Cod and Fort Myers and is most getting involved with the Dumb Friends League here in the beautiful Mile High state. Kayla has a deep love for animals and has enjoyed caring for the 20 pound love of her life - Zeus, an American Shorthair cat who lives his life very similar to a dog! Kayla believes that passion and commitment to care is number one when it comes to caring for four legged family members!


Lisa has been pet sitting professionally for over 5 years, and all of that time has been with Friendly Visits. She has provided care for everything from fish to 130 pound Malamutes. She is comfortable with most every animal she has come in contact with, professionally and personally. She has cared for animals that need a variety of medications, oral and injection without issue.

Prior to professional pet sitting Lisa has worked with animals since she was in middle school, mostly on a personal level or through volunteer work. She has been pet sitting for various families for over 20 years, from fish to reptiles to dogs and cats. Her love for animals is shared with her entire family.
Her and her kids are currently proud owner of 3 dogs, 2 Chihuahua's that are brother and sister, and 1 rescue Golden Retriever. She also has 4 cats, adopted from a shelter. Over the past years they have also had frogs, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and birds.

In addition to pet sitting Lisa holds a full time job working for Ball Aerospace. She received her BS from Arizona State University and her MBA from Regis University. She has 3 children ages 21, 18 and 16. Her hobbies include skiing, swimming and hiking with her dogs.

Lori moved to the Denver area in 2010 after surviving 30 years in the Dallas area heat. She's been a secondary Spanish teacher for the past nine years, and now enjoys teaching Spanish for an online high school. She has also been pet sitting for over four years in Texas prior to moving here. She has a daughter living here that attended graduate school in Boulder, and a son finishing up school at the University of Missouri.

Lori has grown up around dogs all her life, but also owned a cat, parrot, monkey and horse while living in South America as a teenager. These past nine years she has been a Puppy Raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind (, where she raised three Golden Retrievers and three Black Labs. She has a 10 year old Schnauzer that is now glad to be the one and only, 'numero uno' in the house!


Melanie is a Colorado native and has been around animals all her life. Growing up she had a variety of cats and dogs in the household and has pet sat for family and friends for many years. Melanie has always been the person that everyone gives their animals to when they could no longer take care of them as they know that the animals will be loved and cared for with her. She is an avid animal lover and whether they are her own or someone else's animals, she feels that they deserve to be treated with the same care and respect as the people in her life.

Melanie owns a beautiful short hair, tigerstrip kitty named Parrot, and an albino corn snake named Slink. Melanie is the proud parent of human children, two sons named Gavin and Evan. They also share her love for animals! Gavin is a United States Marine, and Evan is heading off to college to study Zoology.


Sharla is a Colorado native and has been around animals of one kind or another all her life. Dogs were always a part of her life growing up but, she always had a love for all animals especially horses. She finally fulfilled the dream of owning her own horse at the age of 39. Along with her wonderful family, her husband of 27 years Todd, and her two sons Bryan and Trevor, who are both in college, she has been blessed with an extended family of pets that includes 3 horses and 2 dogs. In her free time, she loves to spend time in the mountains hiking and horseback riding. Always willing to help out family, friends and neighbors with their pets, Sharla’s never met an animal she didn’t like! She loves working in the pet industry and couldn't think of a better job than caring for animals!


Having been raised in a farming family, Steph has been around many animals from her beginning a very long time ago! The whole time she was growing up, she was going to be a vet. Now she works with two-legged animals instead of four for her full-time job (she's a teacher). Her love of animals has included everything from a 50-gallon marine tank that had many corals and fish (affectionately named after the Finding Nemo characters) to hamsters (including when she was in the college dorm where pets weren't allowed) to baby opossums that were orphaned when their mom was hit by a car and raised with a dropper. While pigs are her absolute favorite animal, dogs are her current furkids. She currently has Dex, the "rabid dingo", who is a ball-crazy red heeler, and Chet, the brown and black stripey dog who was living on his own in southern California until the Denver Dachshund Rescue and Transport folks saved him and brought him to Colorado, where she couldn't resist his adorable little face. Steph truly has a love of nearly all critters, and when she wins the lottery, she fully intends to be one of those animal hoarders seen on the cable TV show (but in a good way!).


Tarah, a native Floridian, USAF veteran, and an engineer in the aerospace industry for 15 years has always had an infinite love for animals. She has owned or fostered almost every type of pet or farm animal. She has a passion for animal well-being, believing every pet has a right to be loved to the best of our ability. A creative thinker, she strives to encourage fellow animal enthusiasts and newbies of the joy that animals can bring to our lives. She has lived in Colorado for the past 5 years and is currently mother to a 7 year old husky mix and an 8 year old terrier mix. She has watched friends' pets in the past and would love to watch others, no matter how big or small. Tarah was issued a DoD Top Secret Clearance in August 2004 (now inactive) and has an active Secret Clearance issued in November 2010.


Teri is a Colorado native who grew up with both cats and dogs. She carried the joy of having animals for love, companionship and comfort into her own household when she grew up. Teri currently has two cats, Star and Precious, and and one dog, Megan. Teri has passed her love of animals on to her 13 year old son.

After spending 15 years in the Corporate world, Teri chose to leave the business world and has turned her focus to working with furry family members.


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